Earth Child Tarot Deck by Alyson Davies available at Local Assembly

Alyson Davies

orange sponge cloth by Badger & Burke available at Local Assembly

Badger & Burke

Badger & Burke is a collaboration by Holton Brock and Jaime Armstrong. Designed in Vancouver, BC, their line of colourful, mid-century inspired cards are tied together with their quirky humour and cute captions. Together they also created Good Ghost Collective, a range of greeting cards that highlight the talent of local artists and illustrators!

Funfetti beaded earrings by Beads + Babes available at Local Assembly

Beads + Babes

Tatiana Carrion is the creative behind Beads + Babes, a line of handmade beaded earrings based out of the Canadian rockies. Full of bold colour combos and unique designs, Tatiana's earrings,"carry the energy of creation and are made with so much love and intention."

Brick Brick

Brick Brick

Brick Brick is a line of small batch ceramics by Tara Dwelsdorf designed and created in Vancouver, BC. Her ceramic bottles are the perfect place to propagate your plant pals or display dried pampas or roses! The possibilities are truly endless with these contemporary cuties.

Heart Card pack by Caitlin McDonagh available at Local Assembly

Caitlin McDonagh

Caitlin McDonagh is a visual artist and muralist who creates intricate illustrative works that are deeply inspired by folklore, symbolism, and the natural world. Painting on surfaces large and small, her goal with her work is to build her own personal folklore; work that leaves doors open within it, allowing the viewer to add to the story while finding parts of themselves within it.

Rainbow earrings by Cait Wind available at Local Assembly

Cait Wind

Cait Wind is an artist based out of Victoria, BC. Cait is all about good vibes and good earrings—her line of colourful handmade earrings are designed to make you feel confident and cute. Her work has even been featured in Chatelaine magazine!

Chanel Colleaux

Chanel Colleaux

Chanel Colleaux is a mixed medium artist from Victoria, BC. Inspired by nature, relationships, dreams and fears, her surreal illustrations create distinct moods that capture the highs and lows of the human experience. Full of hidden details, and dreamlike imagery, Chanel creates art for thoughtful and inquisitive humans. 

Checker claw by Chunks available at Local Assembly


Chunks is the quirky hair and eyewear line by Seattle designer, Tiffany Ju. Her barrettes, claw clips, sunnies, and slides are the perfect cherry on top to any good outfit, and will make you want to dazzle your ‘do on the daily. 

Coco Spadoni

Coco Spadoni

Coco Spadoni is a Seattle-based ceramic artist and maker focused on functional pottery. Spadoni is drawn to bold bright colors, they love art and design that pops with modern freshness! Spadoni uses patterns and abstract characters to explore what it means to be holistically human with all our messiness and playful energy. The shapes and textures aim to create a new landscape where dreaming is the new normal.

Yellow acrylic daisy earrings by Combinist Goods available at Local Assembly

Combinist Goods

Combinist Goods is a line of lightweight acrylic earrings by designer and maker Kristen Scharf. Based out of Calgary, AB, Kristen's jewel-tone statement earrings combine her love of art, design, and illustration with a passion for mixed-media art.

Pink floral painting by Coreena Lewis available at Local Assembly

Coreena Lewis

Coreena Lewis is an artist from Vancouver, BC. Her colourful folk art inspired paintings, tees, and prints combine bright florals with the occasional Simpsons reference and we love her all the more for it! Coreena’s art speaks to the weird girl in all of us. 


Days Eye Ceramics

Days Eye Ceramics

Pant chain by Ditch Metals available at Local Assembly

Ditch Metals

Ditch Metals is run by Anne, a nonbinary creator with a passion for queer aesthetics and adornments for all. All chain pieces from the Ditch are made of stainless steel and woven by hand, created with a vision of strength, grace, and rebellion.
The Silence is Killing Me print by Dre Searle available at Local Assembly

Dre Searle

Dre Searle is an illustrator and tattoo artist based out of Victoria, BC. Inspired by comic books, Catholic iconography, Mexican folk art, and vintage fashion, Dre's work is a retro gothic dream you'll want to get lost in. 

Dru Chapple

Dru Chapple

Dru Chapple is the maker behind a collection of beautifully knit toques. Made in Vancouver, BC, from 100% natural fibers, such as wool and alpaca, Dru’s toques are light-weight, warm, and look good too!

Amour herbal smoke blend by Enso Herbals available at Local Assembly

Ensō Herbals

Ensō Herbals is a collaboration between Coralie & Mikey ~ creating herbal smoke & tea blends for the modern plant lovers. Their vision was founded on the belief that there are alternative ways to connect with nature & the self. Ensō Herbal blends are a perfect alternative for cigarettes and ideal for micro-dosing your favourite cannabis flowers. Made in small batches in Vancouver with 100% organic wildcrafted herbs.

Fox On An Island

Fox On An Island

Made on Gabriola Island by graphic designer and artist Taylor Haigh, Fox on an Island is a line of tarot cards, pins, candles, patches, and apothecary. Thoughtfully made, Taylor’s creations are the perfect witchy addition to your self-care routine!

Ceramic flower ring dish by From Tree to Sea available at Local Assembly

From Tree To Sea

Based out of Calgary, AB, From Tree To Sea is a line of small-batch ceramics by self-taught ceramicist and former wildlife biologist Lauren Strybos. Combining neutral tones and organic textures with fun prints and motifs, Lauren’s ceramics are as cute as they are functional!

Good Ghost

Good Ghost

Going Steady

Going Steady

Shauna Jean McGinnis is a multi-disciplinary artist making and creating from her home in Vancouver, BC. Her handmade one-of-a-kind needle punch pillows are a colourful sensory experience that we can’t get enough of. Using both natural and synthetic materials, Shauna creates bold pieces for your home!

Chartreuse headbands by Hair of the Dog available at Local Assembly

Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog is a line of handmade scrunchies by Victoria maker Erin Kerr. Erin’s scrunchies are the ultimate cool girl hair accessory with a rotating collection of silk, velvet, cotton, and linen fabrics to suit your every mood!

Venus snake sticker by Jaime Chow available at Local Assembly

Jaime Chow

Jaime Chow is a student artist from Victoria, BC. Her cute and creative sticker designs make a statement wherever they’re placed!

Red heart studs by Kaju Creations available at Local Assembly

Kaju Creations

Kaju Creations is a line of handmade earrings by Mariana Carniero. Empowering women to feel their best, Kaju’s distinctive colours and bold shapes make statement earrings an everyday necessity! All pieces are designed and made in Vancouver, BC.

Land of Daughters

Land of Daughters

Land of Daughters is a Métis made, woman owned home goods brand based out of Calgary, Alberta. With an emphasis on unique and bold scent profiles, Paige creates vegan and cruelty-free soy candles, aroma sprays, perfumes, and wax rings.

Hudson pipe by Laundry Day available at Local Assembly

Laundry Day

Laundry Day is a line of design-forward smokeware and accessories by Victoria Ashley. Designed in Victoria, BC, Laundry Day wants to modernize smokeware and dispel stigmas by creating beautiful pieces that double as art. Functional and dainty, you’ll be puff-puff-passing your Laundry Day piece around for all to see!

Tortoise tassel earrings by Late Bloomer available at Local Assembly

Late Bloomer

Alexis Page is the creator behind Late Bloomer, a line of small-batch earrings and hair clips. Alexis’s work combines a few of our great loves: rattan, palms, pompoms, and tassels. Her playful pieces are designed and created in California.

Brass venus hoops by Laura Estrada available at Local Assembly

Laura Estrada

Laura Estrada is an artist and jeweler designing and creating out of her studio in Los Angeles, California. Utilizing traditional metalsmithing techniques, Laura uses raw brass and silver to create modern and organic pieces. We especially love her Venus earring series, and how the feminine design makes the perfect statement! 

Lizard Breath

Lizard Breath is a small batch clothing line by artist and designer, Liz Hagiepetros. After learning how to screen-print in college, Liz worked as a screen-printer for a local business. It was while she was there that she explored her love for art, including embroidery and tattooing. Eventually she began sewing and screen-printing her flash designs on different garments, making pieces she wanted to wear but couldn’t find elsewhere. Now, Liz sews and screen-prints out of her studio in Rock Bay, creating tees, sweatshirts, bralettes, and bum huggers to keep you looking cute and comfy!

Local Assembly

Mala the Brand

Mala the Brand

Mala the Brand is a line of small batch soy wax candles by Melody Lim. Hand poured in Vancouver, BC, Mala is created using sustainable, eco-friendly materials and includes a range of seriously dreamy scents for every mood! A tree is also planted for every candle sold—say what!?

Ceramic fruit mug by Marita Manson available at Local Assembly

Marita Manson

Marita Manson is a potter from Victoria, BC. Using a wide range of techniques, she creates quirky, colourful ceramic mugs, plates, earrings, and barrettes. Marita’s pieces are functional treasures you’ll want to use time and time again.  

Leather card holder by Nazz Ares available at Local Assembly

Nazz Ares

Nazz Ares is a line of leather wallets and bags by Fernanda Batista. All of Fe’s pieces are made from high quality veg tanned leather, and are hand stitched and hand painted at her studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. Beautiful and functional, Fe’s pieces are something special!

Round resin ashtray by Nectar Nymph available at Local Assembly

Nectar Nymph

Sonja Schouten (she/her) is the multimedia artist behind Nectar Nymph. Currently focused on resin homeware, accessories, and some digital portrait work, Sonja aims to bring concepts of community, magic, astrology, self love, nature, and pleasure into her pieces. Sonja moved out to Vancouver Island 4 years ago after completing an Animation and Illustration program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Besides art, her other loves include coffee, pole dancing, music, and her two cats.

Never Ending Weekend

Never Ending Weekend

Got Milk? black and white cow print socks by Okie Dokie available at Local Assembly

Okie Dokie

Okie Dokie is an accessory line run by sister duo Rebecca and Cassie Kaiser. Based out of Toronto, ON, Okie Dokie makes sweet printed socks you’ll want to show off!

Pistachio nail polish by Palate Polish available at Local Assembly

Palate Polish

Palate Polish is a small batch nail polish brand based out of Portland, Oregon. Created and designed by Ainsley Fox, Palate Polish is vegan, cruelty-free, and 10-free, excluding many of the harmful chemicals typically found in nail polish. Inspired by food, Palate creates uniquely wearable shades you won't find anywhere else!

Face fix by Pink House available at Local Assembly

Pink House

Pink House creates 100% natural and cruelty-free products with safe and trusted ingredients out of Surrey, BC.



Hannah Kolstad is the artist behind p0mplemousse. She started her fibre art journey with the encouraging hand of her mum at a young age and has been dabbling in many crafty things since. She started making jewelry for herself and friends a few years ago and that’s when she perfected her Pom Pom skills. Her products range from wearable art, to wall hangings, and her latest creation, Pom Pom dice. Hannah is passionate about sourcing her yarn second hand and creating dreamy colour ways that hint at a universe of her own.

Blue and yellow pearl back earrings by Red Sky available at Local Assembly

Red Sky

Red Sky is a clothing and accessories line by Kerry Butt. Since starting out as a side hustle in 2014 selling exclusively candles, Kerry has expanded her business to include a wide range of unique goodies for the eclectic soul: socks, earrings, jumpsuits, hats and hair accessories, Kerry does it all! All of her pieces are designed at her home in Ontario. 

Roanna Farmer

Roanna is a graphic designer and illustrator, located on Lekwungen territory in Victoria, BC. She operates a multidisciplinary studio selling homewares and printed-matter inspired by traditional craft processes and techniques. Her work explores themes of home, nostalgia and comfort.

Rub of Luv

Rub of Luv

Jaz Fairy J is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. She works with improvisation and intuitive movement practice, choreography, dance, ancestral healing practice, performance art, collective working/gathering and voicework. She is the founder and CEO of her luxury natural skincare brand ‘Rub of Luv’ accessing self luv through skincare. She believes that art is a portal to the divine and in that she is in a constant investigation around how her work can create more space for healing. Through natural skincare creations, movement and meditative workshops, gatherings, story sharing, rituals/ceremonies, ancestral research and performance, her work is about finding the inner freedom and grounding to live in the fullness of one’s truth and do the work of abundant self love, self healing, growth and acceptance. Her life mantra is “dream create manifest”

Plaid ceramic mug by Shoe Ceramics available at Local Assembly

Shoe Ceramics


Skwiik (pronounced 'squeak') is a 100% vegan, hand-crafted skincare brand based out of Calgary, Alberta. With a focus on curated ingredients, careful formulation, and creative products, they've created a line of ethical and sustainable luxurious bath and body products you'll be gushing over.

Sterling silver manifestation necklace by Solee Darrell available at Local Assembly

Solee Darrell

Soleé Darrell is a jewelry designer from Oakland, California. Having studied Silversmithing in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Soleé creates all of her pieces by hand. Using only her intuition as her guide, Soleé’s pieces are influenced by the very materials she uses. 

Surfing Sucks

Surfing Sucks

Surfing Sucks is a brand of small batch ceramics by Josie Taylor. Based out of Tofino, BC, Josie creates unique ceramic pipes and other handmade homewares with a West Coast flare.

Sunshine yellow standing candle by Twistedd Candles available at Local Assembly

Twistedd Candles

Twistedd is run by Cole Maier, an artist that stretches, turns, and twists each candle by hand into unique shapes. This process makes no two pieces the same. Focusing on a bright colour scheme, these guys are meant to catch your eye.

Uhm Studios

Uhm Studios

Uhm Studios is a line of beaded and pearl jewelry by Emma Lewis. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Emma's pieces focus on juxtaposing the timeless elegance of pearl jewelry with youthful and eclectic colours and beads. 20% of every piece sold is donated to a different organization each month.



Chill Out black embroidered baseball hat by WKNDRS available at Local Assembly


Founded by Claire Ouchi and Rachel RIvera, WKNDRS specializes in art & design focused goods, accessories, and homeware for state of mind livin'. Created as something that people can connect with and see themselves be a part of, it's cultivated an inclusive, optimistic and fun environment with the aim of bringing you into its world.