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Earth Child Tarot Deck by Alyson Davies


Earth Child Tarot is gentle deck, created with an intuitive understanding of tarot. This deck offers light and kindness and is a wonderful tool in self care, and inner child work. The deck was created to serve your needs through its embrace of seasonality and astrology. The Earth Child Tarot deck is a retreat from a stimulating world, allowing you to take some time away for inward reflection and care. 

Created for those new to tarot and for established tarot practitioners. The Earth Child Tarot will serve with its dreamy whimsy and tenderness.

Includes 78 cards (both the major and minor arcana), a two-piece rigid box for storage, and a 41 page guidebook including card interpretations, card spreads, astrological info and more. Each card features rainbow foil detailing on the back and edges. 

Designed by Alyson Davies in Edmonton, Alberta.